Paint jobs and case part removale question

Hi, i was wondering if in the nzxt switch 810, the hot swap bay could be removed because i know the plate for the optical drive can.

I am also wondering where i might be able to get a custom case paint job? preferably a cheap but still nice paint job. and if they might be able to paint the front of the optical drive.

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  1. Yes, you can remove the hotswap bay.
    For a contact for a nice paint job, you can try your local sign painter or auto body shop - some do airbrush work. I had a friend who did airbrushing that I met at a fair. Another option might be to put a notice at a local high school or college for an airbrush artist. One last place that I thought of (it might seem strange) is a tatoo parlor, the artists there are often adept at airbrush work. Assuming you want a nice design...
  2. MMMMM , or do it yourself .. Theres plenty of video's on the net that give very detailed instructions . Its mostly in the prep work .. :)
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