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GTX 580 asus directcuII or PNY cooled liquid + CPU

Hi all i just ordered the ASUS GTX 580 DirectCUII in 566 dolars in my country, I dont receive yet and in other store i see the PNY GTX 580 liquid cooler + CPU i see a review and speach wonderfull of this PNY card but is 699 dolars.

Is a good idea cancel the ASUS purchase and get the PNY for 100 bucks more but liquid cooling and cpu cooling to or the ASUS is just fine for the 100 dollars saving? I dont know what to do, I see a review that this CPU cooler is more efficient than the noctua NHD14

here it is the review

I personally never got a PNY board or memory aleays ASUS, MSI or GB

I just want to play solitaire (joke, lol) I play all Crysis games, BF, MW, etc.

Note i have the 2600k with stock cooler (crap)
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    No the ASUS one is better. trust me. PNY card may look cool and all. but i havnt ran into anyone recommended PNY on anything except maybe their memory. I have a Direct CUII 560 ti and it does work. You planning to SLI or just one card?
  2. Bueno, tenes espacio para poner el cooler de la PNY, miralo como si fuera un H60-h80, que lo tenes que colocar en un fan slot de tu Chassis.

    La asus es bastante buena, solo que es 3 slots, si no te interesa SLI es una buena opcion, si queres SLI te diria que la PNY si tenes el fan slot o 2 o una MSI lightning, ya que la Asus toma 3 pcie slots.

    Tambien viendo los reviews, con la temperaturas que mantiene la pny, podrias ponerle un overclock mas alto en teoria.

    Y si, tambien podes colocarle un h80 o mejor a tu 2600k, mantendrias un sistema bastante frio.

    Tambien, si tu proveedor acepta devoluciones antes de 30 dias, podes probar la PNY y si no te parece la devolves xD y te agarras la Asus.

    De preferencia una MSI Lightning.
  3. Msi.
  4. Cancel your Direct CUII and get MSI!!!!!!!

    Or get 7950.
  5. I dont plan to SLI my board dont soppurt it, i dont want to mess with msi because two friends of mine have the lighting and they have problems with the BF3, meybe is bad luck but i dont want to run with it too, i dont want ATI and i dont think the 7950 beat the 580 at all.

    my board has enough aspace between pci express to take the 3 slot asus and later another for physx
  6. MSI has nothing to do with BF3 problems. It is also likely that the MSI Lightnings they have are AMD cards, because MSI does make both Nvidia and AMD cards.

    While there may be enough space between them, is there also an extra slot? I doubt it. The ASUS DCuII does cool well, but it also takes away a lot of space.

    You might want to check to see if there are other reviews of that water cooled setup. That one review you posted was quite impressive, but it's possible it's bogus, so some backup is in order.
  7. Yeah, i run 2 gtx 580 lightnings XE and have no problems with any games(Your friends may have problems in their systems), so you will be fine, Imo they are best 580s around if you can still get 1.
    Also which card do you currently use? Is it possible for you to wait a month or 2 ? Kepler you'll be set with a single gpu solution since you don't want to Sli.
    But if you need to upgrade now and those 2 are your only options, then yeah, go for it.
  8. well i wasn't be able to get the lightning, i just recieve the ASUS CUII and its amazing, i still have the other PCI-E free
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