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So, I'm currently building a new Gaming PC and since I live in Egypt, there aren't many options for a case. The only known brand available is Cooler Master and the prices range from 2200 EGP ($366) which absolutely outrageous till 300 EGP ($50). Due to my limited budget (which is already finished on the GPU, CPU and MB :P) I can only afford a K350 or an Elite 311. The 311 is for 340 EGP which is my maximum. Both are similar but the K350 has a USB 3.0 in the front I/O panel which is great and the Elite 311 doesn't. On the other hand, the Elite 311 comes with a 400w PSU while the K350 doesn't (I guess, it's not written). So which is better for me guys?

For those who want to know, here's my planned config:
-Intel Core i5 3570k (Ivy Bridge)
-nVidia Geforce GTX 670 (Gainward or Gigabyte or Asus. The Gainward is cheaper but you might as well tell which is the best ;))
-Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H-WB Wi-Fi (A silly question, it has Bluetooth, right? Another silly question, the Wi-Fi will operate normally like laptops, right?)
-4GB or 6GB RAM
-1TB hard drive


Well, it turns out that I was wrong. I found a load of other Cases including Thermaltake, Aerocool and Silverstone. Here's a list of what I can buy:

-Thermaltake Commander MS-I
-Aerocool PGS V VS-9 Windows
-Silverstone Precision Series PS05B-W
-Cooler Master Gladiator 600
-Thermaltake V4 BLACK EDITION (+450w PSU)
-Cooler Master Elite 334 (+400w PSU)
-Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I
-Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow Edition

The list is know longer, so could you list the pros and cons of them and which is better for me since now I'm really confused :). Thanks in advance
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  1. Out of all of these, only the CM K350 has USB 3 on the front panel. So that is my choice. The other cases are nice, but none have USB 3.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Will the case work well and provide good ventilation as this is a gaming PC? By the way, regarding PSUs, will 500w be enough for the listed components or will I need more? The max. I could get is 700w.
  3. First of all 450W won´t enough to power a GTX 670 -- you will need at least 500~550W for that card.

    So go with a case without a PSU like K350. Cooler Master Gladiator 600 is a great case too.
  4. As to cooling. The K350 case has mountings for plenty of fans, but only comes with one intake fan in the front. When you order the case, make sure to buy two additional fans, one for the back exhaust, and one for the side intake. With the three fans, and an aftermarket cooler on the cpu, you'll be running cool.

    As to power, you need a minimum of 550 watts. So I say, go for the 700W PSU and leave yourself some headroom for expansion later.
  5. Thanks, a Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600w will be good then. Last thing, the Gaindward Geforce GTX 670 will be good right? Or should I get the ASUS or Gigabyte (they are more expansive :S)
  6. @abekl
    Wouldn't a 600w be enough? As for the fans, from experience, there a lots of types. I mainly find 10 EGP fans ($1.6) so will 2 of them be enough or will I need 50 EGP fans ($8.6) Also, I won't overclock so must I buy an aftermarket cooler for the CPU? Or can I use the stock heatsink? The prices for a CPU cooler are too much (500 EGP = $83.3)
  7. If you get two additional fans, then you can get away with the stock heatsink/fan so long as you don't overclock.

    Spend the money on the better fans.

    A 600W PSU will be enough as long as it's a good reliable model.
  8. The PSU is Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600w so I guess it's reliable enough ;). As for the fans, since I'm not sure what will I find, any advice? Size for example (is 120mm good) Brand? In Egypt most fans are Chinese with no brand, so a Cooler Master is fine or anything? Thanks for your help and time. I really appreciate it :)
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    It's my pleasure to help you. You're welcome

    The CM PSU should be fine. It's not the worst brand by far, and some models are actually pretty good.

    As for the fans, you want 120mm (12cm) fans. About 8-10 USD per fan is about the right price. Look for brand names, like Cooler Master, and Antec.
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  11. I'm very grateful for your helpful :) Without you, I wouldn't have gotten the 2 fans and I might have even bought a 400w PSU :P. Last question, what's the difference between the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H Socket 1155 Motherboard and the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H-WB Wi-Fi Socket 1155 Motherboard? Other than the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, is there anything major?
  12. Yes. One major difference is that the UD3H is built alot more ruggedly than the non-U version. If I had a choice between them and the difference was less than 20 dollars, I would get the U version without a doubt. The U in the UD3H version stands for Ultra Durable.
  13. Ok, UD3H for me :D Thanks again!
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