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PCIE 16x(4x Mode) Query

Hi guys, I PC has an asus P8Z68-V LE Motherboard and sapphire 6870 1gb GPU.The motherboard has 2 PCIe Slots.It has two 16x PCIe slots but one of them was labelled 16x(4x mode). I am planning to add another 6870 in future.Will this 4x mode thing hamper the performance too much?
I have an 18.5'' LED monitor and it is very unlikely that I will add a larger one or additional monitor.What I want to know is whether this 4x makes crossfiring disastrous? :(

Another query is I use my pc only for 720p gaming. I am able to play all the games now(i've got a 2500k processor,8 gigs ram@1600mhz).How long do you think I will be able to continue without adding another 6870 for crossfire. :??:

The last one, is it possible to crossfire 6990 with 6870? :sarcastic:

PS:sorry for my bad english :D
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    If its PCIe 2.0 x4 then it will be fine. If its PCIe 1.0 x4 it will slow the card down a bit.

    No, you can't crossfire a 6990 with a 6870. Here's the Crossfire Compatibility Chart for the 5xxx and 6xxx series:

  2. Well since you are only gaming in 720p, there is no point of crossfiring. Stay with your card. And you can't crossfire 6990 with 6870.
  3. Thanks to all for replying,

    Mine is a PCI 2.0. so as per your replies I don't have much to worry as long as i am not crossing 720p(Which I am not intending to do so in the near future)

    Could you please tell me how long (just approx)will I be able to play latest games with just one 6870?
  4. For a couple years at least, unless you increase your resolution. Of course no one knows how long for sure. It's all a guess.

    The easiest way to know is to just use what you have and when it no longer is good enough, ask around to find out if it's your GPU or CPU holding you back and adjust accordingly.

    We can't see into the future.
  5. Until your card broke :lol: or until ~2015 approx (my). But as bystander says, we can't see the future, but we can estimate.
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