8 fan speed controller?

i was wondering if there is such thing as a fan controller that is compatible with 8 fans. if there is, what is it called and if there are several what is a decent 1 x 5.25in one while still not being too expencive. i dont care if it has a touchscreen or little twisty thingies lol
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  1. that would work but is there maybe one that can display the rpm of the fans either on that or on software or on a little external device? preferably in the controller itself then external then software
  2. There is not many choices in 8channel controller.

    I think this one will do it all.

    A unique multiple color (White, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Purple, Yellow) channel system enhances the look of this 30 watt 8 channel controller to suit your style needs whenever necessary.

    Each channel color is easily customized through a two push button system via the front panel.
  3. ok, cool thanks ill just look around for a rpm viewer somewhere
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