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if i hook up a fan speed controller to only the push fans on a rad in a push pull config. will that increase the performance? also if i hook up the pull at the original slower speed will it get the same performance? any if i increase the speed of the pull will it make it better?

i am also wondering if anyone knows of a fan external fan rpm meter that can record either 4 or 8 fans and one that can fit in a 3.5 in hdd slide
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  1. you wouldnt see a performance increase bc without the fan controller the fan runs at 100% but with the fan controller the fan can run at all different speeds so unless the controller is set to 100% you will see a reduction in performance.
  2. yes, i know, i already chose one, thats y im asking that question
  3. I dont asked if you will see a performance increase if you hook up either the push or pull fans to a controller...and i responded no so how did you know that already? I guess I am confused as to what you are asking...can you word your question a little more clearly? thanks
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    Nesteq do an 8channel F/c with rpm monitor, I'm not sure of any 3.5" units though, maybe modding it to a suitable place is a better option?
  5. ok, i know if you increase the speed on the push it will push more air through. but if you leave the pull at a lower speed will it get the same performance or will it be better if you increase the speed of the pull fan?
  6. no matter what you will get the most performance out of the system if both fans are running at full speed....if you lower the pull fan down you will get less performance now im guessing your asking will you get lower performance if you lower the pull fan and keep the push fan high vs. if you lower the push fan and keep the pull fan guess would be that you would get more performance if you lower the pull fan then if you lower the push fan reason is the push fan is moving more air onto the fins of the it moves more air then the pull fan bc the pull fan needs to suck air through the radiator vs. the push can just suck air and push it onto the radiator
  7. I dont think you understand... a fan controller cannot increase the speed of a fan above its maximum speed - which is what the fan runs at when connected directly to the power supply.
  8. i do know that, drums answered my question
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  10. Thank you for B.a man, let us know if we can help with anything else :)
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