New computer, when booting it skips bios and go straight to windows 7 logo

I just bought a cutom gaming computer from a company called: boom I.T. here is their website They said that they installed windows 7 already and that its all set to go. So i plugged it all in perfect and the computer boots and just goes to a windows logo screen with no password or account selection. also forgot to mention that it just skips the bios an just boots into the windows 7 logo screen and stays there.
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  1. I'd call them! Especially if you can not get into Windows.

    If you want to log on, set it up in User Accounts, once into Windows.

    As for the BIOS, the BIOS post is probably turned off in the BIOS settings. Try pressing <F2> or <Delete> right after you turn it on, so you can go into the BIOS.
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