Need help with home networking solution

Hi everyone,

I am writing to see if I can borrow some of your wisdom to help me find the best solution for my problem.

Basically at home I have 3 main items I need connected to the net and they are:
Desktop PC (Priority and needs fastest connection)
Laptop (Secondary and could be wired or wireless connection)
Iphone (wireless connection needed)

As for the setup at home at the moment we have the adsl 2 modem down in the living area (only connection in the house) and then all my items need to be connected in an upstairs bedroom. Currently the desktop isn't connected as I am waiting for it to arrive still whilst the laptop and iphone are connected by wireless. The modem/router is a Thompson TG585 and the house is modern and mostly concrete and I get poor reception upstairs with the wireless dropping out semi frequently and poor wireless speeds (never over 1mbps).

So I am looking for a solution in which I get good reception and possibly better wireless speeds upstairs as well as getting the fastest speed for the desktop (which I hope is wired in some way).

I have had some thoughts so far and here they are: (product links are at the bottom)

My current situation:

Thompson TG585

Laptop - Wireless via TG585
Iphone - Wireless via TG585

Thought 1:

Thompson TG595 - Netgear Powerline AV500+

Desktop - Wired via Powerline
Laptop - Wireless via TG585
Iphone - Wireless via TG585

- Gives a wired connection for the desktop, but wireless is still the same as current
- Could use laptop as wifi hotspot for iphone, but means laptop would have to be on, desktop unplugged, couldn't use desktop and laptop at the same time, seems like a hassle

Thought 2:

Netgear N600 - Netgear Powerline AV500+

Desktop - Wired via Powerline
Laptop - Wireless via N600
Iphone - Wireless via N600

- Possibly faster for desktop????
- Possibly better connection and speed for wireless devices????
- Within price range

Thought 3:

Thompson TG585 - Powerline - Netgear N750

Desktop - Wired via Powerline
Laptop - Wired or wireless via N750
Iphone - Wireless via N750

- Has a wired/wireless router in the bedroom
- Still relies on Thompson TG585 at start would that slow speed????
- Information going through so many devices again would that slow speed?

Thought 4:

Netgear N600 - Powerline - Netgear N750

Desktop - Wired via Powerline
Laptop - Wired or wireless via N750
Iphone - Wireless via N750

- Basically the same as above but Thompson TG585 replaced with Netgear N600
- Expensive and stretching the affordability to the extreme


Netgear N600 (DGND3700) - Wireless Modem/Router

Netgear Powerline Av500+ (XAVB5501) - Powerline

Netgear N750 (WNDR4000) - Wireless Router

So what are people's thoughts and what would you suggest or do in my situation?

Also where I have ???? if people know more info on these answers if you could let me know that would be greatly appreciated.

In advance thanks everyone for their help :) It is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Short answer to long question - if you can wire the PC from the downstairs router to it upstairs, why not wire the ADSL line upstairs and keep the router up there?

    My problem with your powerline cabling suggestion is that I suspect you're in the UK (ADSL is the clue there) and many houses are wired with separate ring mains for upstairs and down so the powerline functionality is impaired.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply Saga.

    You are correct it's ADLS2 but you got the country wrong :p I am from Australia but in New Zealand at the moment.

    I didn't mention in the original post is that it is a rental house and that other people need to use the 'normal' downstairs wireless or plug in their pc direct to the router at the dining table and also due to it being a rental I can't move the phone line. But if it was my house I would be doing exactly what you suggested :) They are just e-mail, facebook, you tube users where as I tend to use the net for streaming football from Australia and will be using the desktop for gaming when it gets here.

    The powerline is the only idea I have come up with so far that might get the fastest speed in this situation as I can't move the line nor have a cable running the length of the house.

  3. I could be wrong about powerline networking but I just can't see how it could jump from one circuit to another. Maybe your wiring is different over there (refrains from unkind jokes about the 1950s :D ) and the way to find out is to trip one circuit and see if everything goes off upstairs as well. On its own, concrete shouldn't be too much of a barrier unless it's reinforced - ree-bar I believe they call it in some countries - so wireless may not be a problem. A decent router offering wireless G or better still, N and an adapter to match should be able to handle the speeds you seek.

    On my parlous speeds in the Third World Broadband country called England would not let me stream live TV while anyone else is so much as reading an e-mail so god luck and I hope you can get at least 25Mb.

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