New Soundcard?

I have an electric drum kit and have decided to use Addictive Drums because i am disgusted by what my kit had to offer! I eventually got AD working but noticed a delay between the drum pad and the speaker.

People have been saying i should get a new and better soundcard for my laptop because its the soundcard thats meant to be doing all the work! My E-drum is connected to my Laptop via Midi/USB cable, my Laptop is then connected to my Roland Drum speaker via an AUX cable plugged into my Laptop's headphone hole thingy. <<< (is that way to connect my laptop to my speaker? does that make the sound quality worse?)

So i am unsure which one i should be buying? I was thinking to go with the soundcard because it may deliver a better quality sound through to the speakers, but im not sure if it'll get rid of the delay?

I want to be absolutely sure getting a new soundcard will get rid of the delay before i spend $100's on it!

Thanks in advance!
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