Amd athlon II x3 455 on steam

Hi, i have unlocked my processor, now it is an amd phenom x4 b55 and i am unable to use steam or any steam app. i get a sudden crash with steam.exe has stopped working. this didn't happen before i unlocked the 4'th core. is there any way i can get steam to work on x4, or do i have to resume to x3 to use steam?
i use windows 7 x64
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  1. try uninstalling steam and reinstalling it....I cant imagine unlocking the 4th core on ur cpu causes issues with steam
  2. did that, i also tried reinstalling my OS, but it did not help. a while ago i was asking steam for assistance but it was relatively useless(was running on 4 cores). my electricity wend down or something happened, processor went back to 3 cores and steam was working well again. i was running like that for a while and i thought i might give it another shot with all 4 cores( thinking that steam did some compatibility updates with this processor). but it did not go that way. i still get the same error i was getting a while ago.
    ps: what i am trying to run on steam is dota2, and i also get error there when on all 4 cores.
  3. hmm this is really odd...I have never heard of an issue like this before and a quick google search turned up nothing...maybe try updating your motherboard's BIOS and then unlocking the fourth core and see if that helps. Just to clear it is only steam that you have an issue with? you are able to run other games no should also check to see if the cpu is stable with the 4th core prime95 and run that for like 4 hours if it passes that with acceptable temps it is stable
  4. there was actually a topic on this forum regarding this issue, but nothing conclusive.. , and from what i have tested, steam seems to be the only problem(i am trying to play dota2).
  5. The 4th core could be unstable, it may need a slight voltage bump or it could just be totally defective, they did disable some of them for a reason.
  6. You could try running Prime95 to see if the 4th core is unstable and to help you stabilize it if you want to tweak voltages and such. However, Yummmerzzz is right, some are disabled because they have a single bad core.
  7. i downloaded prime95 and i did some 'testing'. no idea how the program works, or what it does, but something interesting came up with the program running, the second core seems to be malfunctioning. in any case, i would like to return to 3 cores and i need some help with the knowledge on how to do that since the only way i was getting back to 3 was getting electricity down by random chance(not intentionally, since i don't have ups). but if there is further help to get that core working well and such, it's all welcomed

    with the program off
  8. seems that if i deactivate second core in task manager at steam quickly, just as it starts,it works, and it applies to dota2 as well which also works
  9. so pretty much your cpu was binned as x3 for a reason the 4th core is defective to set it back to a tri core the easiest way would be to reset all the bios values to default...there is an option for this in the BIOS then going back and setting your settings like boot sequence back to what you had it set to
  10. or just disable core unlocking , under what ever name they call it, in the bios. Same way you turned it on probably.
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