Should i use new thermal paste?

Hello,in the coming weeks im going to get a new machine with the GA-z77x-D3H and i5 3570k and because im going for overclocking im gettin the Corsair H 60 Hydro Cooler(only 1 my case fits ^^ CM elite 430) so my question is, should i use the thermal paste corsair has already preaplyed on the cooler or by my own?
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  1. The paste already on the thing should be fine.
  2. Agree^.
  3. Yes the paste is fine you can use a hair drier to worm it a bit, it goes off better (if you like to remove it). I suggest to stay away from ivy cpu's and this is why:

    You can go with sandy I7 2700K to this motherboard or with i7 3820 or i7 3930K, to the LGA 2011 motherboards having better chance to upgrading to the Feature incoming processors without changing motherboard again.
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