Rosewell PSUs?

Hey hey. I'm shoppin for PSUs. I was going to go w/the corsair builder series, but people tend to complain about the whiney noise, and as to not push my luck, I was thinking of going w/another reputable company that will fit within my budget.

Budget: $60 or so.
i5-2320, 8GB ram-2 sticks, 1 regular ole HDD, no OC involved, and it's mostly for a GPU upgrade since I have a 5670 now. (I'm glowing with GPU power...envy me)

Currently looking at a Rosewell PSU (This one)

Rosewell has been so-so in reviews from what I see on Toms.
Obviously I'd like a corsair/seasonic/xfx PSU, but for the price, I dunno.
GPU budget wise is like $200 eventually, so I'll probably grab a 560ti, going over budget, a 6950, or a 6870.

Edit: I suppose the question is- Rosewells: Yay/nay?
Suggestions/opinions/discussion welcome. ;)
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  1. The capstone series from rosewill is supposed to be pretty good. It comes in a variety of wattages for just about any need. Oh, and its rosewill, not rosewell
  2. I have built a couple systems with the 430watt version of that psu....they were all low power core i3 with integrated graphics builds and so far none of them have failed they are all humming along some for over a year rosewill has done good by me no complaints...wouldnt put one in my gaming rig but I would have no problem putting it in less power hungry systems. (the brand not the same wattage psu lol)
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    You an get the Seasonic S12II-520 for under $60 right now: Can't be really beat in that price range. The Capstones are a great series of PSUs that are made by Superflower and based on a proven quality design but the S12II-520 is a way better price/performance buy right now.
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  5. Yea, I'd prefer a seasonic for sure, don't get me wrong. The one I was pricewatching on newegg was sold out. This one

    I didn't know they had something else in that general price range. So I'll just go with that.
    Ty ty.
    And yea, I suppose it is Rosewill.
    I'm slow :)
  6. Enjoy - Great PSU!
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