Does this card run unusually hot.

I have read many reviews on the 7970 saying that it ran at 40% fan speed + @ 73deg C and after purchasing one am wondering if it is normal for my card to be running @ 90deg C with 55% fan speed just because its installed in a case not an open test bench and the ambient temp of the room is 24deg C instead of 22.5.

I have case and fan installed in it as a intake. all case fans are also running @ 100% speed as they are still silent with that speed.

It is quite loud even after installed in that noise dampening case so if this is not normal i would like to return it for one that doesn't run as hot..
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  1. Your 7970 is running 90C on idle?
    If so thats way too high, can you adjust the fan to auto and see what it does to the temps and fan speed?
  2. monsta said:
    Your 7970 is running 90C on idle?
    If so thats way too high, can you adjust the fan to auto and see what it does to the temps and fan speed?

    No its 90c load but still 62 idle @ 30% fan
  3. Ah ok , its not unusual for those temps even tho it appears high, some cards to run around 90 but it would be good to hear if someone here has a 7970 to tell you their temps to compare.
    Guess with the new cards its expected , possibly with newer drivers they may change the fan settings to be more optimal.
    Is it really that loud at 55%?
  4. 55% fan speed seems a little slow for a gpu load. This is a typical reason I never trust the pre-programmed card fan controllers. In my opinion they try too hard to keep them quiet and since the day they began putting fans on gpu's I haven't really trusted it. The chip itself is rated a bit higher than 90c but I doubt it's lifespan with constant usage at that temperature.

    I always use a software based programmable fan controller like msi's afterburner utility. Either that or I set my fans manually, you can do this in catalyst as well as nvidias control panel, and usually for a single card it would be 65%-80% depending on the game before a gaming session.

    Edit: It does sound a bit abnormal for 55% to be loud. Especially in a dampened case. What kind of load are you putting on the gpu? Is it furmark or the like?
  5. You can try using MSI afterburner, and maybe crank up your to ~75% and see the temperatures (to be better, you can even use MSI kombustor utility to burn out your graphics card). 90c and 60c is unusually hot for a card. Also can you confirm that you have a good airflow and nothing blocks the airflow of the card??
  6. I can adjust the fan speeds through afterburner and amd overdrive the thing is its just REALLY loud already at 55% and seems to be running quite hot even at that speed. Im wondering if the cooling is slightly defective on this board as the reviews i read were getting 73deg @ 40% fan speed the only difference is they used an open bench where as i have a well ventilated case.
  7. mmm that's a very strange situation you have, i think that:

    a) maybe the fan is, as you already said, defective or something and

    b) (and this is a long shot) if your case is well ventilated, maybe the air flow is causing some kind of "turbulence" between the case and gpu's fans.
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