Google earth crashes my PC

I have a 500 P.S.U.--- and a nVIDIA,nFORCE 750 motherboard===,with a chipset video card ,, and every time i try to play on my game , Flight Simulator ,Or run Google earth my computer blue screens ,..this happened before and under warranty the tech put in a new Hard drivetrhat is i terabyte Will his computer system work better if i install a real video card? And what is a good middle of the road card ??
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  1. Please post your complete PC Spec.
  2. is the motherboard Okay?
  3. Overheating?
  4. Akashdeep said:
    Please post your complete PC Spec.

    OK and thank you.. the spec sheet 7 home premium 64 bit serv pak 1 build, 500 watt power supply,, Mother Board, is nVIDIA nForce 750a processor AMD athion 11 dual core 255 3.1ghz, ram memory 4gb DDR3, hard drive 1 640gb 7200rpm 64mb cache. dvd-rw drive 24 x cd(dvd) -r/w dual layer with lightscribe ....sound card is a VIA surround sound 7.1.....Video card is a nVIDIA 8200 witt.VGA/DVI-D/HDMI t has an terabyte hard drive in it now also has extra fan . and yes i am a computer ROOKIE ...I hope these wll tell ya what you need to know
  5. refillable said:
    is the motherboard Okay?

    no overheating ..and its blue screened out a hundred time before they warranted the hard drive. Its a chipset ... Whatever that is .. Google earth will blue screen it out if i use the street level much or fly a lot !! LOL and i loaded my flight sim on here and it would just stop ,and blue screen .. so i took both programs off and its ok ... I dont know much about these contraptions I am an AT Mechanic ...LOL thanks
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