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I need some help with choosing a PSU for my new build. Preferably I'm looking for a 1000w PSU.
The choices I've looked at are:

Corsair AX1200w

XFX 1250w

Seasonic 1250w

Seasonic 1000w

The one I'm edging towards is the Seasonic 1000w due to the reviews and the 7 year warranty.

Any suggestions would be great.
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  1. Well, than get it , the Seasonic 1000w .

    They are all great PSU's, no question about that.

    Seasonic 1000W Platinum power supply review
    Published: December 1, 2011

    Final Words & Conclusion

    Granted, this was the first ever Seasonic PSU review we ever reviewed and I was a little shocked to see how good it is.

    It makes a lot of sense though, the company is reputable and is working the ODM and OEM channels a lot. Every now and then they release retail models which can be brought to the market at very good prices, as there's no middle man / company involved that needs to rebate and box it.

    But let's talk about the PSU itself. The overall design is great, it has good looks and a valid size. At first I was a bit worried about ventilation as really only the top and front side have a decent a mesh. But once you start to stress the PSU, you'll understand the reasoning behind it, it just doesn't get warm. Even under full load with an overclocked processor and four GPUS well the PSU was mode cold then lukewarm.

    As a result the fan doesn't need to do much either, that itself results into an extraordinary silent PSU. In the Hybrid Fan mode, the fan most of the time doesn't even spin. Now in all fairness, that can also be considered poor airflow and thus not good. Take it either way you like it though. With that said, one pointer, due it's single rail design it lacks multi-rail OCP (Overcurrent protection). Not a hindrance but one safety feature is missing there.

    Efficiency wise we were impressed, the PSU was the best performing product we have tested to date, the PSU hints towards a 80+ Platinum certification and yeah, we have to acknowledge the efficiency of this product alright. Looking at some other reviews has shown that under load with chroma like test equipment the PSU delivers as promised. So that confirms our findings.

    With our PSU reviews we are always the first to state that our review remains somewhat subjective with our real-world test approach.

    Test methods wise we say our test is valid, as it is precisely the kind of load you guys would apply to a PSU like this. Scientifically, however the tests are less precise and that's fair enough.

    Some love yet some frown upon the lack of modular cables. Personally I adore modular cables on power supplies as you get to use the cables that you need. So there's no spaghetti swarm of cabling inside the PSU killing the cool looks. Then again, a lot of people have a closed PC, so you can see that spaghetti of wires either.

    Connectors wise there's plenty available all of them quite lengthy as well. But yeah the six 6/8 pin PCIE connectors rock already and then you'll receive another eleven SATA connectors, eight Molex peripheral connectors and the rest. For the enthusiast motherboards that have it, you may also connect two 8-pin ATX12V connectors which will help you out with some more extreme overclocking.

    If all this wasn't good enough, Seasonic offers a seven year warranty on the product, really it's hard to go wrong with this product. With that 80+ Platinum certification, its features and then a price tag of 235 EUR we feel that Seasonic has an excellent PSU in their hands. It easily measures up with the best of the best from OCZ and Enermax, dare I even say it? It might be even better.

    So if you are in the market for an excellent Platinum energy efficient kilowatt PSU that is fairly priced, well .. you've just found it. And if you need a little less, the Platinum 860W will be available in December as well. Yeah, let me just say it, this might be the best PSU we've ever tested.

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