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i am going to buy amd radeon hd 7770 ghz edition it says 500w smps and 6 pin connector . if i not put 6 pin connector what will happen and if i give gpu only 450w of smps then

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  1. you have to put the 6 pin pice connector otherwise most likely the card will not let the system boot.....a 450watt psu will power that card perfectly fine...if you do not have a 6 pin pcie cable to attach to the card you could get a molex to 6 pin pcie adapter and hook the card up that way
  2. It won't work because it won't be getting enough power.
  3. molex to pcie 6 pin connector come with gpu it is necessary but 450watt is good it is any performance diffrence in 500 wt and 450wt .. 450 is good or i should put 500wt psu
  4. 450watt will be fine for your gpu you wont notice any performance increase with a 500 watt psu the 450 will provide plenty of power for the card
  5. means 450wt is ok
  6. your fine. use a molex adapter if needed. that 7770 uses just 10-15 more watts than the 75 watts the pci-e slot provides. (but it does need it)
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    that depends on the psu models, your full specs etc. as the psu will supply power to all components in your pc, especially to your cpu, motherboard and gfx card.
    instead of beating around the bush, state the psu models you're comparing. the 7770 will be able to run on a typical 500w psu which includes generic psus. if the 450w psu is low end, a psu upgrade might be in order.
    for example, a corsair cx 430 v2 can run a 7770 more reliably than a zebronics/iball/intex 500w psu.
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  9. y'know.... if you told us the psu models you're comparing, it would have been easier to figure out if the 7770 would run well or not. for psus, wattage isn't always everything.
  10. intex 450w
  11. depending on your pc specs and budget, a corsair cx 430 v2 or cx 500 v2 would run a radeon hd 7770 better.
  12. pro- intel core i5 3570k
    mobo- gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
    ram- corsair vengance 4 gb 1600mhz
    hdd- 500 gb seagate
    gpu- amd radeon hd 7770 ghz edition ( thinking to buy may be any company asus or msi)
    pci- tv tuner card
    monitor- 20inch samsung widescreen
    kebord & mice - logitech k200 combo
    speaker- creative insipire m4500 4.1

    thinking to buy 500w psu because it fit in mu budget i will buy corsair psu but it price was to high in india
  13. corsair cx 500 v2 would be better than the intex psu for that config.
  14. price is too high of corsair so intex is good for me
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