Chieftec 750w pci-e slot problem

So i have a radeon 6850 in my comp and then bought an other one to crossfire the 2 cards, i also bought the chieftec 750w psu which has removable cables and stuff, it came with 2 pci-e cables but turns out I need atleast 3 for my 2 radeon's... Because the new radeon that i bought (XFX) requires 2 pci-e cables to work and was thinking of buying another pci-e cable but theres only 2 slots that say ''vga'' on my psu (thats where the pci-e cables that came with the psu goes, it's 8pin), but there is 2 other slots available (The power to the fans and harddrive goes in there, it's 6pin) but not sure if i can connect a pci-e cable in there... So my question is if i can put a pci-e cable in that slot?
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  1. You need to use a molex-PCIe adapter (the GPU probably came with the adapter).
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