New Soundcard or Interface?

I found this new product Asus has made, its like a soundcard but in the shape of a USB. Its recieved a lot of good reviews at a low cost of $40-$60 but most of the review video's have been saying "its awesome for games etc.." im not interested with how it puts out game sounds..

So i decided to look for anything else that might be good, i found a proper usb interface, in the description it says for "audiophiles" xD. So it should be a good product. But the ASUS USB interface is one of the newer products so im thinking the hardware may deliver better results?

The Asus usb says 96khz / 24bit and the Soundblaster says 96khz / 28bit, idk what all that is supposed to mean though.

I just want good quality sounding drum hits after triggering the midi, and NO delay.

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  1. The U3 is basically a stand-alone DAC. Not as high tier as any of their dedicated soundcards, but a solid stand-alone unit.
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