Using installed Programs on Admin acct. with other users profiles

Hello all, here I go again. I reinstalled the OS to a new SSD then installed everthing I need.
I then created a 2nd user profile without Administrator credientials.

I expected to open the 2nd profile and find all my installed programs. Some but not all are on the desktop.

Specifically, Chrome - COD - GPU-z and a few others. Some but not all are there. WHY?

Do I really need to reinstall Chrome / COD and the rest for each profile?

Thanks all!
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  1. You shouldn't have to reinstall. You can just pin a shortcut to the executable to your taskbar or drop a shortcut to the executable in your start menu.

    I just did this over the weekend. I installed steam under the admin account, and pinned a shortcut to it on the taskbar of a standard user account.

    During the installation of some programs, it will ask if you want to install for this user or all users. All users automaticall creates entries in every accounts start menu.
  2. Dosen't work for Chrome. All others yes. I just opened the standard profile and executed with admin acct.. it worked.

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