Pc wont turn on ! is my psu fried ??

so i have this extension cord in my room , with the power supply cable plugged in it with others like the monitor .. and also the power cable of my brother's laptop is plugged there .
everything was running fine , my pc and the laptop next to it , i unplugged the laptop power cable from the extension cord , suddenly my pc was shut down ..i shut down main power then back on , unplugged then plugged all cables back , but my PC wont even turn on !!! i press the power button but nothing happens !! pls heeelp im freakin out !
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  1. Does your monitor switch on?
    Have you tried a different wall socket?
  2. yes my monitor , my router , they're all fine , the socket is also fine i tested it with the router , it's the central unit that wont switch on , i press the power button nothing happens ..
  3. On the back, where you plug the wire into the computer (into the PSU near the fan), is there a light to indicate anything.
  4. that's why i had to ask the question :p there isn't !!
  5. Can you see your motherboard at all? Some PC cases are plastic/glass or transparent, if not you'll have to take a side of the case off. Once you can see the motherboard is there a lit green yellow orange or red LED? Also with the side of the case off and everything else normal press the power button, do the fans spin? any light or sound at all?
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