Help me with my build

A). Queries regarding processor:
1. I know that 4 core processor is enough for gaming as of now but will it last for atleast 3 years, some people say that games wouldnt use more than 4 cores in the near future is that true ?
2.Also if games starts to utilise more than 4 cores will there be a huge performance gain between 4 core processor and 6 core processor ?

B). Queries regarding motherboard:
1. How does EVGA X79 FTW compare with Asus Rampage IV Formula and why EVGA X79 FTW is better than Asus Rampage IV Formula ?
2. How does EVGA Z77 FTW compare with Asus Maximus V Gene and why EVGA Z77 FTW is better than Asus Maximus V Gene ?

C). Queries regarding graphic cards:
For purchasing graphic card i have narrowed it down to 3 options and u tell me which option is better .

Option 1: Purchasing EVGA gtx 680 sli now for my build ?
Option 2: Purchase a single EVGA gtx 680 and now and add another later when price of gtx 680 falls ?
Option 3: Purchase a Single EVGA gtx 680 now and 2 years later when maxwell debuts i can sell my gtx 680 and buy gtx 880 i.e maxwell ?

My friend purchased gtx 480 2 years ago and now he sold gtx 480 and purchased gtx 680 that gave me the idea of option 3. Some people used to buy one card initially and add another when price drops which gave me idea of option 2 and finally gtx 680 sli .

Thanks in advance for your reply.
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  1. if you are only using one monitor, id suggest one 680 now and a whole new video card in 2 generations time.
  2. a 2500k money permits 2600k
    b Asus Maximus V Gene better brand support
    c 3 saves trying to offload 2 video cards later on not to mention multi gpu probs, just replace every 1.5/2 yrs before they are worth nothing
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