Quad core necessary for future proofing?

Even though this is a laptop question, it is strictly about the cpu namely on the Sager NP6165.

Display: 15.6" FHD (16:9) Glossy Glare-Type Screen (1920x1080)

RAM: 8GB @1600MHz

Chipset: 3rd Generation Intel® Ivy Bridge Core i5-3210M (Upgradeable)
Intel® HM76 Chipset

Graphics Controller: nVIDIA® GeForce GT 650M GDDR5 (1.0GB) w/ Optimus Technology

Yes this laptop will be used as a gaming laptop (budget) the initial price is $869 but I was wondering if I should upgrade the cpu to a i7-3610qm for $70, is it worth the cost? I know most current games use only 2 cores and those that use more won't use virtual threads and also I'm aware that games like bf3 utilize quad core cpu's and since I'll be keeping this laptop for at least 3 years, the upgrade makes sense right?
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  1. First of all I dont like laptops as gaming systems. The biggest reason is that it is extremely hard to upgrade a video card in a laptop and a old video card will hurt your gaming performance more than a dual core processor will. That said for only $70 you move up to a quad core processor and get the better performance in both applications that use the quad core and in turbo boost because you are not using those extra cores. So $70 I would go with the quad core.
  2. yes it sure does.
  3. +1 IntelEnthusiast
    but i think your gpu will hold you back at that resolution..
  4. Yes christian I know laptops aren't the best platforms for gaming but it was either get a great desktop and a crappy laptop (for college) or get a get a good gaming laptop so if I ever go anywhere I can play games on the go.
  5. Desktop + Netbook would be the best way to go imo...
  6. @darkoutlaw I want to game other than at home, if I could bare with home gaming only then I'd have chosen that because I know I would have gotten a much better gaming setup
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