PC randomly freezing with static screech

Hi, i have a 4 month old homebuilt PC with the following specs:

Sharkoon t9 gaming case
Asus M5A88M EVO motherboard
12GB corsair DDR3 1666Mhz RAM
Sapphire Radeon 6870 1GB
Corsair CMPSU-600CXV2UK Builder Series 600W Power Supply
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T overclocked by AMD to 3.2Ghz
LG super multi DVD drive
Hitachi 1TB 7200rpm hard drive
Windows 7 professional 64 bit

My problem is that when performing any computer tasks my computer will just randomly freeze up. The computer requires a hard reset after this point. This happens about every 10 days and occurs completely out of the blue. When it freezes there is a static screech coming from the speakers. Im very unsure to what the problem could be (this is my first custom build) so im looking for help on the issue as it is beginning to get really annoying. Event viewer only ever shows the 'system did not shut down properly' error.

I also noticed that throughout this period of freezing up, my pc would always make the same squealing sound as when it crashed when I shut down the computer just before the power to the computer cuts off. Anyway after running memtest86 to see if the RAM was the problem, no errors were found however after running it I noticed that there was no longer any squealing on shutdown and the freezing has not happened for about a month. This leads me to think that the squealing on shutdown is in some way related to the freezing.

A couple of days ago I updated my graphics drivers and the squealing on shutdown occurred again. I again ran memtest86 and it stopped. Yesterday I changed my display setup in AMD vision control centre and the squealing on shutdown has begun again. Since the squealing started up again my PC has not yet froze however they seem to have been related in the past
Anyway sorry for the long essay but it seems to me that every time I adjust any settings related to my AMD card, the squealing on shutdown begins again. Could this be a graphics driver problem?

This problem has become really irritating and I am worried about the problem being hardware related as I paid £700 for it just 4 months ago. If it is hardware I need a way of finding out which component it is in order to replace it with the manufacturer.

Thanks for any help in advance. P.S again sorry for such a long post
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  1. It could be driver related. AMD is notorious for crappy drivers. Try removing all your AMD drivers and installing the latest available. Also I didn't notice an after market HSF on your OC'd CPU. Don't rely on the one that came with your CPU. Heat will cause the crashes that you describe also. Monitor your temps:
  2. Thanks for the reply. I dont think its the temps as ive only seen the processor at 55 degrees highest when under heavy load. The graphics card is usually about 65 degrees under heavy load and the hard drive is always 28 degrees. My heat sink is an artic cooling freezer 13. Not sure whether that is stock or not as i purchased the motherboard, processor and RAM as a bundle where everything was already attached. I have tried completely removing the drivers however windows automatically re installs them and i cant find anyway of uninstalling amd vision control centre. Also installing the newest driver was what caused the squealing to return after it had disappeared for a month.

    Again thanks for your help
  3. Download this (if you don't already have it):
    then try this:

    1. Stop the program (Vision Center) from loading at Startup. You can do that with the program above.
    2. Go to wherever your AMD files are and Delete all associated folders and files.
    2. Use CCleaner to clean up left-over files in the registry (and any others that show up).

    See if that will let you remove amd vision control center (which is probably your problem).
    By the way the HSF you have is an after market one and it's pretty good.
  4. The same thing is happening to me, and I don't have AMD drivers :/
  5. CedricTheSadProgrammer said:
    The same thing is happening to me, and I don't have AMD drivers :/

    Hows your heat?
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