Need front pannel - mount USB 3.0 in a Dell server (3.5 inch)

Dell in their infinite wisdom decided to have the 3.5" floppy bay use screws from the bottom only (for this server). As I have this Dell (server) with the 3.5 floppy bay -- that screws the floppy in from the BOTTOM only. I need to mount a USB 3.0 to the front panel.

The problem is that most (all?) of the makers of 3.5” USB 3.0 panels have screw mounts that come in from the side of the panel (vs the bottom).

So far, I’ve come up empty trying to track down someone that has / makes / sells a 3.5” panel – with mounting screws on the bottom; one that will work with Dells unique mounting of the floppy drive.

Functionally – I’m looking for something like this:

But it has two problems:
1. No screws on the bottom (that I can tell)
2. No 20-pin connector

Note: If necessary, I can get a 20-pin to USB adapter If I can find the right panel:

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  1. Have you installed a USB 3.0 adapter in the Dell Server and you are trying to connect that adapter to a front panel? BTW, why do you need a USB 3.0 adapter in a server?

    What Dell server are you using?
  2. The system is a PE 1800

    The system is a file server, and I need access to a high-speed USB connection to perform file transfers to / from the server (with a portable device)

    Additional detailed system information:
    It has one (available) PCI-e slot (4 lanes in a 8 line connector) (The PCI-Exprss is is PCI-E 1.0b interface)
    It has two PCI-X @ 100 mhz slots
    It has one PCI-X @ 66 mhz slot
  3. Something like this adapter:

    And this extension cable (routed to the front):

    Would do the trick without rigging something in the 3.5 inch bay.
  4. No... it doesn't fit in the 3.5 bay.
  5. The card goes in the slot on the mobo. Then, you plug the cable into the back of your system and route the other end of the cable to the front of your computer and simply plug in your USB 3.0 device.

    Otherwise, to use the 3.5 inch bay, you will have to modify (a drill and screws) a regular 3.5 in bay device. You will still need a USB 3.0 adapter in the PCIe slot.
  6. I know about the need for a PCIe/PCI card.

    I also know that the VIA VL800 chip set does not work with server OS's,and that the drivers can (will) cause the BSOD.

    I also know that a PCI-E 1.0b interface (as found on the PE 1800) will run at 1/2 the speed of the PCI-E 2.x.

    BUT, after searching eBay, Newegg, Tiger and a few others (including Google); I've not found a 3.5 bay dual USB 3.0 -- (prefer 20 pin) device to hook up to the USB card that I have:

    Which is listed as working on both a PCI-E 1.x interface [slower] and Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/ 7 (32bit & 64bit) [Win 2K8 x64]

    So.... Anyone know where there is a 3.5" (prefer 20 pin connector) 3.5" USB panel with screws that mount in the bottom -- like (all?) floppy drives have?
  7. I was able to find on eBay

    It has the bottom mounted screws. Now to wait for a shipment from China....
  8. Good for you! Glad you found something that should meet your needs. Good luck!
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