Turning my HDTV off simultaneously turns off my computer monitor!

Help! I have connected my Radeon HD 5850 from my desktop to my flat screen through HDMI and my computer monitor through DVI. The problem is that whenever I turn off my flat screen my computer monitor goes dark. It's very annoying. When I windows+P my monitor is set as my projector and my HDTV is set as my monitor. This is also very annoying as it is obviously not the way I want it configured. Also, in display settings, My computer monitor is set as "Display signal 2" and my HDTV is "Display signal 1" and no amount of swapping ports will change this. I only have two DVI ports and one HDMI port anyway and my monitor is only equipped with DVI and VGA. Basically, I want to turn off my HDTV without my computer monitor turning off and I want my projector to be set as my HDTV. How do I do this?
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  1. It's like when I turn my HDTV off, the source signal will not revert to DVI so it shuts both displays off.
  2. by "display settings" do you mean the windows display settings? if so you need to be using catalyst control center to set/configure your displays
  3. I've tried both and the results are the same.
  4. This may also help, my HDMI cable is running from my PC to my surround sound receiver, not directly to my TV. I have a separate HDMI cable connected from my TV's "HDMI in" port to my receiver's "HDMI out" port. I've tried connecting the HDMI from my PC directly to my TV and NOT through the receiver and still get the same results. PC monitor is set as "projector" and "display 2", TV is set as "monitor" and "display 1".
  5. CORRECTION: I can set the display number very easily through CCC but Windows 7 still recognizes my monitor as "display 2" "projector" and my TV as "display 1" "monitor/computer only". Still, if I turn my TV off with HDMI connected, my computer monitor ALSO goes dark.
  6. UPDATE: If I initially START my computer with the HDTV powered off, my computer monitor will turn on through DVI. However, once I turn on my TV the PC display auto-switches to HDMI and when I try to turn off my TV, my PC monitor shuts off and doesn't revert back to DVI.
  7. Well, my issue seemed to have fixed itself. I'm wondering if there was a Windows Update that may have had a fix in it. It wasn't my GPU driver because that hasn't been updated in at least a month. Either way, I can now turn my HDTV off and my monitor will revert back to DVI.
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