What psu should I use

Hello, I am having problems with finding what power supply is the best for me it is the only thing holding me back from buying the parts for my pc.

This is the list of parts that I am going to use:
Motherboard: gigabyte g1. Sniper 3
Graphics card: evga GeForce gtx 670 FTW (x2 I will be using sli)
Proceser: intel core i7 3770k
Hard drive or ssd: I don't know yet :P
Optical drive: a cheap one that can get windows 7 on the pc!
CPU cooler: corsair h80 liquid cooler
RAM: I am still looking
Well if there is anything else I should add or upgrade or even remove please tell me!

Thank you
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  1. You will need to buy a good PSU with a high amp rating on the +12V rail.
    Good PSUs are expensive but are usually better in terms of warrenty periods, reliability and quality.
    Companies like corsair, seasonic make good quality ones.
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