Phenom II x4 965 BE . prime95 tests , stock cooler etc...


I just want to have somw answers about my phenom II x4 965 BE .
-To what level is safe to overclock it with stock cooler ?
-I was running prime 95 blend test at 70c ( which is way too high so I stopped it after 1 minute ) what do you think about it ?
-What should values on prime 95 look like to safely OC ?
-How powerful should be cooler to handle OCing to let´s say 4ghz ?

-my MB is : Asus M5A88-V EVO
GPU : ati 7850 HD

thank you for answers , and feel free to leave any suggestions :)
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  1. Also I want to ask if those values which I mentioned are normal for my setup at that test .
  2. the fact your temp hit critical with prime 95 answered your first question of overclocking on the stock cooler.. no its unsafe... 62'c is supposedly the max safe temp so typically you want to be topping out at 55 on stock cooling.

    if anything you want to take the cpu off auto settings in bios and put them on normal or manual. you may be able to reduce the cpu voltage to 1.35 or 1.30 (a good sample should still run on as little as 1.28) and give a little thermal headroom on your stock cooler.
    my guess is your using the original paste, quality paste will give anything from 3-10c depending on how efficient your cooling is.

    as for getting to 4ghz you will need a well rated 250w+ tdp cooler something like a cnps10, true 120, noctua 12 basically with a 75+cfm fan about £40 and up cooler (yeah you can go with a hyper 212 but there just noisy same with frio)..
    your best bet if you can fit 1 in your case is a twin radiator water cooler. you will get better thermal range across the board, giving a much steadier thermal curve. unlike some air coolers have a large inital jump then start working effectively, because they cant react quick enough to the temp changes. liquid cooling doesnt have this issue for the most part.

    typoical idle should be around 28-32 across all cores and load 50-55'c any higher than that and the motherboard is probably over volting on auto and erring on the generus side for stability reasons... so like i say set it manually a bit lowwer reboot test, if its stable rinse and repeat till the system, bsods the increase the voltage a little till its totaly stable on prime 95 and giving good theremals within range.
  3. I dont know which one i have to change : Cpu offset voltage , Cpu VODA voltage, DRAM voltage, NB , SB ???
  4. it should be labeled cpu voltage. anything else is for other things. you first need to set the cpu and nb voltage mode to manual then the menu will change and allow you access to the cpu voltage
    then you can set the voltage manually.
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