Change to one graphic card from two?

Hello - I have a comp that I am trying to upgrade so my kids can play diablo 3 when it comes out. it currently has two geforce 9400 gt video cards in sli mode. I have already upgraded to a 650 watt power supply to cover a better graphic card but my question is can i take out the two cards and just put in one card (maybe something like a 560 ti?). will i have to change any settings or anything on the computer if i do that? am i just better off getting two cards again? any suggestions much appreciated - thanks
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  1. cant see any reason why you couldnt just uninstall the driver and remove the 2 cards--put in a gtx560ti and install

    the new driver
  2. 1. Download latest driver for new card
    2. Uninstall drivers
    3. Turn off machine
    4. Uninstall old cards / install new card
    5. Boot and just say no if windows finds new hardware
    6. Install downloaded driver
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