Dell Optiplex GX620 Upgrade

I want to upgrade my Dell Optiplex GX620 Desktop processor to a quad core for better gaming.
Current Specs:
Pentium 4 HT at 3.20Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6870 DDR5 1GB

The processor, i would really want to be a quad core and I don't want to break the bank, I don't know much of the difference between Intel and AMD that AMD is usually cheaper, so I'd prefer one of those than an Intel.

Thanks For Any Help Given! :hello:

Note: Yes I know this is a duplicate post, just the last one's links, were all sold out, and I would like to have newer technology than the older processors.
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    You need to check what CPU's are supported on the Dell motherboard

    further Googling suggests Pentium D (dual core) is the maximum supported
    (not significantly higher clock speed but two cores instead of HT)

    another link suggesting the fastest Pentium D

    Also most Dells use non standard heat sink mountings which may cause trouble unless you go for the low power versions

    You can't swap AMD for Intel (different sockets etc)

    You might as well buy a new base unit (with integrated graphics) and add your existing Graphics card to it if you want a large increase in processing power and have software which can use the extra cores.


    Mike Barnes
  2. There's a couple of things to consider, if the case is a standard atx type then the motherboard can be upgraded to make the machine like new, if its the small form factor (SFF) type then the cpu will be the only thing that can be upgraded as mbarnes86 has explained.
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