Random Blue screen about once every hour

So, back when ME3 came out, I gave my PC a break for a few week or 2 while I finished off the trilogy on my xbox.

Upon completeing the game, and going back to my PC, I started to get occasional freezes, and after installing a printer (no idea how that affected it), my PC started Blue screening about once an hour. I did a complete system restore to the point before the printer was installed, and it seemed like that had fixed the issue.

However, I just purchased a new SSD for my system, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148442, and after installing this, I've reinstalled windows, and my old hard drive is now being used as a Media drive for all of my games, pictures, ect.. The only issue is, now my PC is back to Blue screening about once every hour. It doesn't matter if I'm playing a game, browsing the web, or just idling. I don't believe it's crashes every hour on the dot, that's just a rough estimate.

I have tried reinstalling windows, thinking something may have been corrupted with the installation, I have tried updating my motherboards BIOS, and I've been keeping a close eye on my temps in case something was overheating out of nowhere. A friend of mine also recommended downloading Argus Monitor to use the s.m.a.r.t. hard drive utility, and everything checked out OK on that as well. I can't seem to figure out what the issue is, so I'm hoping someone here might.

System specs:
CPU- core i52500k 3.3ghz (overclocked using Asus AI suit, to 4.3 if I remember correctly)
MOBO- Asus P8z68-v (Base model, not deluxe or pro)
RAM- corsair vengeance 4gigx2 RAM
GPU- Geforce GTX 560 (non Ti) (Overclocked as well, but I have set the clock back to factory settings and had the same results)
PSU- Raidmax RS-630SS

if any other information is needed to help solve my issue, please ask.
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  1. Set your OC back to defaults. See it that helps.
    Run Memtest and see if your ram is starting to fail.
    On the BSOD it will give an error code. If you can post that error code it would help us help you.
  2. I've tried to get the error code from the BSOD, but the Physical memory dump is too fast for me to read it. I'll try setting all of my clocks back to factory and see how it reacts though. I should also add that I've only had the system for about 6 months, and both the CPU and GPU have been overclocked to this extent the entire time I've had it.
  3. Settings my clocks back to the original settings hasn't helped. Still blue screens on me. It was idling at the time of the last crash as well
  4. Well, I managed to figure it out myself so I'll just leave this here in case anyone else may have this issue in the future with a similar setup.

    All I did was install literally EVERY single update for my motherboard. Be it USB, Audio, Video, or utilities, I installed EVERYTHING. I have yet to have another crash since then, so I believe this has fixed my issue.
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