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GPU cooling with side panel case fans, whats better Exhaust or Intake?

To cool down a GPU with a side panel case fan is it better for the fan to be an Intake or an Exhaust? Theres actually room for 2 fans what if I got 1 intake and 1 exhaust would that be a good idea?
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  1. Well Intake, cause heat rises right? Push air onto the GPU with the side panel fans, and then the heat rises and get sucked out by the rear (and a possible top) fan.
    And your last bit there with one intake and one exhaust, that would just basically cancel them eachouter out, cause I reckon that the exhaust fan would be pushing out about 40% of the air taken in by the intake fan!
  2. No it wouldn't be cause that would create negative airflow.Can't have a intake and exhaust so close to each other.

    I have my side fans as intake,blowing cool air over the card.I think doing this will force most of the air out the back of the case through the card.Also adding cool fresh air for the GPU fan to use.
  3. Back and Top = exhaust
    Front and case window = intake
  4. Intake is much better for side fans , blowing cool air onto your cards and creating a positive airflow through your case is optimal for cooling, as purple stank said it will force most of the air out the back of your case.
  5. Okay so if I add an intake side panel fan, 120mm coolermaster fan with an air filter, how much of a drop in temperature of the GPU should I expect to see?
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    Most Coolermaster 120mm fans have very low CFM and with a dust filter it will be even less.

    Honestly I didn't notice any difference in temps on my GPU with 2 side fans for intake.Maybe 1c at most.The biggest thing though is of course cooling the GPU itself but also to cool everything else on the PCB.I'm sure having fans pointed at the card will increase airflow around the VRM's and RAM chips.
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