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Need help diagnosing video card and possible replacement.


OS = XP Pro Service Pack 3
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
PSU = 300W
RAM = 512mb
Slots = 2 PCI 1 PCI-E

I'm aware I'm running an older system. I used to have a Nvidia 8600 GTS installed in the PCI-E which worked great but it stopped working one day when my son pressed a random button on the keyboard, I had no picture on screen until I removed the card. I Haven't had any success trying to re-install it. The screen stays blank and the computer beeps 3 times. If I leave the monitor plugged into the onboard card and leave the 8600 in my computer is able to recognize it and install the drivers. The fan works when its plugged in. I'm confident that I tried installing it correctly. I removed previous drivers before attempting to install.

my onboard is a Nvidia Geoforce 6150 LE I can run gta - san andreas no problem with the draw distance lowered, but the computer struggles with Mafia and Halo even with graphics turned down. The games are playable but lag quite a bit. Call of Duty 2 worked great with the 8600, I'm looking to play games made around the time that game came out.

If my 8600 GTS is indeed done for which video cards would work with this older system? My budget is around 50$ I'd just like something comparable to the 8600, it doesn't have to be better. Not a must but I'd like something with s-video.

Thank you in advance.
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    GT240 would work as replacement (slight upgrade)
    Really sound like your card is bad unless it is struggling with power from the PSU!
  2. Thanks rolli59 the GT240 looks like what I need. The 8600 GTS used to work good on my PC and I have not changed any of the hardware does that rule out the PSU being the issue?
  3. Best way to rule out that the PSU is causing this is to try the GTS8600 in another computer. The GT240 uses less power than the GTS8600 as well the only reason I considered the PSU possible issue is that it is only 300watts and they degrade with age.
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