Getting low performance in battlfield 3

hi my system config is:
e5300 @ 2.6
2gb ram
gt240 1gb ddr3

i know my system config is low but i am having problem running battlefield 3 at even 800*600 and medium-low settings. the fps drops below 20 at even these settings and never goes above 25 with heavy stuttering
i am using the current 285.62 drivers for gt 240
can anyone tell me if this is because of faulty game, installation or drivers

also will overclocking cpu or gpu help much?

i can run crysis 2 on 1280*800 gamer settings at 25+ fps.
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  1. BF3 is a very demanding game on any pc hardware , your pc does not even meet the recommended requirements for the game to run well
  2. best thing you can do is disable motion blur and have a reasonable resolution with all setting on low, then rais the settings a bit at a time.
  3. @monsta
    i can run crysis 2 easily 25+fps at 1280*800 gamer settings which has same system requirements as bf3 and bf3 is supposed to be more optimised so i dont understand why i am having trouble running this game at 800*600 low settings
    the games installation at first did go haywire thanks to origin and i had to manually uninstall it so after second installation is it possible that the game is trying to run two instances of game and causing low fps?
  4. To answer your question. Yes, overclocking your CPU and GPU will increase your FPS in games. By how much? Well, that depends on your hardware.
    I'm no expert, but the increase should be about 10% by just overclocking your GPU alone. It isn't much, I know.
    From what I've read, Nvidia's GT240 should overclock to around 640-650MHz, 1550-1600MHz and 2000-2050MHz for core, shader and memory clock respectively.
    Don't forget to update your drivers too, to ver. 295.51. Every little bit helps.
    Intel's E5300 should overclock to ~3.2GHz with minor BIOS tweaks. Which is pretty good.
    You might also want to try tweaking with the display settings. Start by removing the really heavy stuff like post-processing, anti-aliasing and motion blur. You might find this useful.
    After that things should smoothen things up. :)
    If all else fails, maybe you could try re-installing the game like you suggested. But, I doubt that is the case.
  5. You will definately want to increase your 2GB of ram , it just isnt enough for todays standards, the more ram the better especially for games like BF3
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