Building my first computer, not sure which case is better.

Hey everyone, I am building my first ever computer, for gaming, and I have chosen all my parts except for the case. I have narrowed it down to two cases I really like, but I am not sure which one is better. Both are full tower cases as I would like the extra room should I feel the need to add anything onto the computer later.

The first one is a nice case: I like it because it has the window, but its not necessary at all.

The second one I like more, I think it looks cooler, and would prefer to get this one if there is no real problems with it, or reason not to.

If it matters what I plan on putting into the case heres my planned build:

CPU: Intel core i5-3570K 

CPU fan: Cooler Master hyper212 cpu cooler
Mobo: ATX motherboard 2666MHz (socket 1155) (z77 based)
RAM: Corsair-Vengence 2-pack 4GB DDR3 DIMM (1600MHz) (low profile)
GPU: GTX670 video card

Optical drive: HP-24X internal Double-Layer DVD ± RW/CD-RW Drive 

Power Supply: Corsair-Gaming Series 700-watt ATX CPU power supply 

HDD: Western Digital- Caviar Black 1TB internal serial ATA Hard Drive for desktops 

SDD: Corsair-Force Series 3 120GB internal serial ATA III solid state drive
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  1. I like the nzxt also and it will fit your cooler and gpu without a problem.
    If you have to ship it, newegg has it $5 cheaper and shipping is $3 cheaper too.
  2. Get the NZXT since you like it better, there are no problems with it.
  3. lots of people have had the NZXT and liked it, you can cut a window later if you want to anyway
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