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Looks like my Canon Multipass F30 query was too specific. The F30 has been superseded anyhow, despite the recent review on Tom's. I've pretty much decided that a standalone printer would be a better choice for network use. Even so, I've heard there may be problems sharing a Canon printer from Windows XP, maybe other platforms.

I'd like to see ALL printers evaluated as a network solution - from Windows and from packaged printservers. Evaluations of stand-alone printservers would also be great. There does not seem to be much out there for hooking up a USB printer - mixed reviews of the one I found (Linksys?). Quite a few parallel options out there, but many modern printers are USB only. I would not want to run a whole computer just to serve a printer. Integrating the printserver with a firewall router is a great idea. Netgear has one that looks great - basically what I have now - but it is parallel only.
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  1. HP makes JetDirect print servers that can connect USB devices.,,type=13037^cat=,00.html?

    I had a JD 175X for evaluation for a while. Ended up loosing it to someone else but it worked pretty good.

    Cool part is that it will also allow you to scan if you have a flatbed scanner over the network via a Java script tool. You just enter the IP address of the print server into a network browser and it automatically uploads the script. Pretty slick.

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  2. Thanks, I'll look into the 175x. $159 seems a little steep for this - an opportunity there, you'd think - but maybe it has superior function.
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