System crashes ALOT, Could it be my AMD?

This is my system:

Athlon 950
ATI Rage
2 X 125 RAM Crucial
Maxtor 38 GB Hard drive.
AOpen K33 MoBo (W/VIA Sound)
System is in a upright server tower, with one large fan at the bottom, one in the middle and one at the top. Also, in the top 5" bay I have a large double fan gizmo that blows out all the hot air that rises to the top.

I've had this system for awhile and regardless whether I've had Win98, ME or XP Pro on it, it freezes ALL THE TIME. My computer will freeze all at random times. There are times when everything will work fine for 12 - 14 hours straight.... then freeze. Other times, it will freeze 3 to 4 times an hour. It's frozen right as it's booting up for the first time that day....

I always have the most up to date drivers. I've checked the temperature of each device and none are running hot. Someone gave me this program to check my RAM; it ran the test 4 times and found no problems. Someone has now suggested that it might be my CPU... he said that AMDs cause computer freezes often...

I've removed my sound card, my NIC card and my modem.... just to see it they might be the problem, but the freezing still occurs. I can't remove my Video card, so it's possible that it might be the problem... but this is the 2nd video card that I've had in this system and it froze with the last one also. (Can't remember off hand what it was.)

So what do you think? Are AMDs more prone to crashes? (It does have a large heatsink on it with a fan... isn't running hot.)
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  1. what kind of power supply do you have?
  2. Did you build this PC? or did you get a prefab? As noted above, the are "some" issues with power supplies... AMD recommends a 300w PS (although there are some 250w that are compatable), as well as some other specs that make them "compatible" with the Athlon/Duron chips (I usually just look for a claim of Athlon compatablity, which may not be a garauntee, but has worked for me so far).. However, if you have a prefab machine, one would not expect this to be a problem..

    I'd recommend getting ahold of another Athlon processor and sticking it in there... or try yours in another machine.. sounds like you've eliminated many things.. (you have reformatted and re-installed, eh?).. so the processor could be the issue...

    For the record, I've built many a AMD machine and have not known them to be prone to "freezing" or "locking-up".


    Is it a slot-A or socket?
  3. Reagardless of the memory testing program you have, I'd still be inclined to try running your pc with one then the other of the two memory modules on their own, just to make sure it isn't faulty memory. I also wouldn't rule out the motherboard as well. With XP, are you getting any entires in the system event log when your system freezes?
  4. Could it be your motherboard?
    My system used to crash all the time, but it's never now eversince I got this new motherboard...
  5. I am having the same problem as Divine_Wrath. I thought it was the bugs in RC-2 beta release of XP Pro I was using so i installed XP Home to solve it. I am still having the same problem. Here is my system configuration:

    Server Tower
    300w PS
    3 case fans
    ASUS A7A-266 MB
    Athlon 1.333ghz
    GeeForce 2
    (2) 256MB DDR RAM
    Arlotto 10/100 NIC Card
    Arlotto Broadband Gateway
    Maxtor 40GB HD
    Maxtor 4.3GB HD
    Creative 52X CD-ROM
    Creative PCI Sound Card
    HP Scanjet 3400C (USB Interface)
    Iomega Paralel zip 100MB external
    HP Deskjet 970cxi (USB Interface)
    XP Home Edition OS

    Seems like there is no ryme or reason why it locks up. I have tried to look at the event viewer in XP but it does not give any clues. Tried Dr. Watson and it locks up before anything is recorded. Installed ASUS Probe and did track some voltage spikes in V-Core and 12 volt DC line. Some spikes were over a volt. However, when these happened, the system did not freeze. Guess I will be disconnecting components to try and isolate the problem.

    Any other posts with ideas would be welcomed.

  6. Just a thought: Are you processesors overclocked? (either of you). And do you have access to another processor?

  7. Retruglot,

    Thanks for the inquiry but no I do not have my system overclocked. I do not have access to another Athlon at this time.

    I am trying a stripped down system to test what component is causing the probelm. I will keep you posted on the results.

    I have the newest Nvidia Dominator drivers installed for XP and have seen some posts that blame these drivers.

    Can't think of anything else.


    there was some cpu compatibility problems with "old" cpu generations (eg cyrix 166+ vs pentium 166) but now it's not more true.

    i think we certainly don't repeat this never sufficiently. :)

    if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy.
  9. Divine_Wrath

    Think I may be on to something. I just spent the last 2 days methodically testing my system hardware and found out some interesting things. I wrote previously about what my system consists of.. I installed just 256MB of DDR 2100 RAM in slot 0/1 and left slot 2/3 empty. It ran for 8 hours using burn-in tester and my 3D fish screen saver. No problems. Then I replaced the DDR RAM with another identical piece and ran for 10 hours under same condition. Then I installed both sticks of DDR RAM and it locked up in 30 minutes!

    I think it is a compatibility issue with running both DDR sticks on the MOBO. I am currently running 256MB of DDR RAM in 2/3 slot with no problems. I found an article that lists many of the symptoms at It has about 5 pages of information and a thread of posts with a bunch of problems and fixes similar to the symptoms you are having.

    Hope this helps you out.

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