Gaming/Video Editing rig - Suggestions plz!

Hey everyone,

I've built a lot of PCs for people, from the high gamer to the lower end/average user. But the next build is for a guy who does a lot of downloading and video editing as well as gaming.

I'm going with probably no less than 8GB of RAM. I was just looking for some suggestions to the processor and video card. I don't edit video myself so I just want to make sure this system is capable and sufficient. I would prefer to go with an Intel processor. I love the i-series of CPUs.

Any suggestions for the right CPU that can WELL handle video editing and gaming and the right video card? Is a 1GB video card enough? I know he also plays Minecraft and other games. The overall budget for this system is about 1000 bucks. Though I'm not sure if he wants a monitor too or not. Also not against suggestions for boards. I personally find Gigabyte boards great and usually go with those in builds, with no problems yet. Thanks.
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  1. Probably the 2500k is the way to go, yes, the i7s are better for video editing, but not substantially so. The price is more.. but A 2700K if its in the budget, but with a 1000 dollar limit, its probably not worth it to crunch the budget.

    I'd do 16gigs of ram at minimum. 32 is probably overkill.

    Minecraft is a ridiculously undemanding game in terms of system use.

    You don't really need a strong video card to do video editing.. Silly isnt it? But heres a strong gaming video card:

    Heres a good board suggestion:
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