I7 3960x or i7 3970x

Well, since the i7 3970x will be out soon, that probably means the 3960x will have a price drop. So should I wait for the new 3970x, or get the 3960x when it drops price?
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  1. 3960x, unless you REALLY think you need that extra 200Mhz base speed (that you can easily get from OC'ing the 3960x anyway).

    Honestly though, what are you doing that requires THAT much CPU horsepower?
  2. Well lookie Mr. $-Bags over here dropping a stack on a cpu Lol. I say F%#$ it. You're already paying a $1000 premium for a cpu so you might as well get the best S%#& in town bar none. Get the possibly better piece of silicon the 3970x and go balls to the wall
  3. There seems to be a lot of jealousy when it comes to the extreme processors, but is it really that unwise to buy one??? People get cussed out for buying one, but if you look at the resale it is pretty great. There are Core 2 Extremes going for a quarter of what they sold for 7 years ago. Can you tell me what processor has the same resale. I want to buy one, because I want to have a monster machine that is very versatile. I will definitely wait till the new extremes come out, but quit being MEAN to the extreme fans.
  4. Plus I drop my lunch money on something, and I am not overclocking it for at least a few years. I don't want to shorten the life span of something that costs over 1000. I don't care about the performance of other processors. I care about the life of mine, and whether I can return a defective part. Why strain over something that is just giving 10 fraps or a better 3d mark score? What am I going to pick up 3 more minutes of encoding time? Who cares!!! lol Now I am waiting for the person that is going to ask, "If you don't care about performance than why get the i7 Extreme?"
  5. I don't see why anyone would bash anyone buying an extreme CPU. I certainly wouldn't. I was just joking with you in my last comment BTW if you didn;t catch the sarcasm.

    Honestly when it comes to Intel's extreme line ther performance/dollar goes out the window. Sure it is the fastest CPU on the planet but for less than half of that money you could get a CPU that is potentially 2/3 as fast as the extreme processors. FOr anyone who has any concern about cash and isn't rolling in the dough hand over fist spending $1000 on an extreme CPU is kind of a waste.

    If you have unlimited budget and are planning on buying the best of the best of every component then go for the extreme. But if you are trying to build a beast but you are taking money you would have otherwise used to buy a way better GPU and spending it on an extreme processor you will be left with an unbalanced system.
  6. I had the same dilemma, and went for a reduced (-60) 3960x. Not at a huge reduction, but enough to buy me a very nice set of fans. And a has been previously said, if you want the extra 200mhz, just overclock it yourself.

    Also I didn't like the idea of an extra 20w power draw for the 70. I have seen a review http://uk.hardware.info/reviews/3556/17/intel-core-i7-3970x-review-the-fastest-even-faster-energy-consumption-cpu-idle--cinebench-115 giving the 3970 about 20w less power draw at idle (odd since it spec'ed at 20w more) about 20w more under load. And as more watts inevitable = more heat, I can see that as anything but a bad thing, for the 70, under load is when you need the least heat.

    But don't let people put you off buying an X if you need it. Obviously I didn't want to spend twice as much on a cpu, but I did want to run 64gb of ram; and the 39X's have an extra 3mb cache (doesn't sound a lot but it's 25% more than the k) with an extra 4 ways of association (20 as opposed to 16 on the k). All of which helps with memory compatibility and helps especially when it comes to maxing out the memory.

    If you really need the VERY few benefits of an X, get a 60x, every penny counts.
  7. to be honest dont wait for the 3970x. It has a high power consumption(150w) and it has more consumption then my telly. I reccomend 3960x or for budget 3930k.
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