Power Supply Failure, need help with finding a new one

Hello everyone, I'm building a gaming PC which is my first computer I've ever built. So here's the deal.. I have a Biostar TP67XE Motherboard that came bundled with my Intel Quad core i7 2700k CPU, Power supply is a Corsair GS800, Kingston 8GB of RAM sticks(I checked and it's compatible with my motherboard), and a AMD Radeon HD 7770 Graphics card.... So all was good the first time I powered it up the fans were running, the motherboard light was on, the HDD and Power switch light was on, but the problem was that it gave no beeps and it would not display on my monitor :/... So I researched quite a bit on what to do, followed all the advice, and still wasn't doing the trick.. So I finally got too frustrated with the thing and called up one of the local computer companies to come check it out. He found the problem and said that I didn't have the CPU fan seated right and that was probably my only problem right there, and that it was important to place my motherboard on standoffs, so he placed the standoffs for me and left me to putting in the motherboard myself(because I've done it before) and then he left, he also advised me that it wouldn't be a bad idea to put the PCI-E cord from my power supply and put it in my other ATX power slot on my motherboard(I have 2 slots for ATX power).. So he leaves and says that it should boot now that the CPU fan is seated correctly, I screw on the motherboard, and try to put that PCI-E cord into the other ATX slot(I know PCI-E is for graphics cards, but he said it should work), and then when I tried to plug it in, it did not fit right and i just left the cord in there even though it didn't fill the whole slot thinking it wouldn't do anything. So I plug in the main power to the mother board, place both the RAM sticks in the right place, plug in the front panel connections , plug in the ATX CPU slot and the PCI-E cord to the GPU. Then I flip the switch, press the power switch, and nothing happens... 5 seconds later the power supply starts sparking and smelling. So I know the power supply that costed me $115 is done for.. So I believe the power supply failure was due to either a half way plugged in PCI-E cord into a ATX slot. Or could have been that I had 2 stand offs screw things missing(but the guy said it should be fine). So anyways, can anyone tell me if they think those 2 things could have caused it, and does anyone have some advice on what new power supply I should invest in now?
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  1. Oh and the CPU is LGA1155 which I checked and is compatible with the mobo
  2. A reasonable psu would not short out because of a bad connection to the motherboard. You should get a refund and then read this guide about picking a good psu:


    If you already had a good model, it may still have a manufacturer defect, or more likely it was damaged during shipping.
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