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hey guys, i have a hp 1254 an i upgraded the psu an tried to install a friend of mine's video card (evga gtx 295) i know that its a older card but i know it works and would be a hell of a lot better than the integrated graphics. my problem is is when i put the card into the pcie slot and boot the computer i hear 6 beeps from the mother board. i have went into safe mode and disabled the drivers for the stock gpu before the installation of the "new" one. so when that happened i got my friends evga gtx 560 and tried the same process. no beeps but it will not show any video. how can i fix this problem?
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  1. Uninstall integrated GPU drivers.
    Make the sure the card is firmly seated in the slot and the PCIE power plus are firmly inserted into the GPU.
    Install any available bios updates.
  2. What power supply unit are you running? The gtx 295 takes more power than the newer 560 if i'm not mistaken, but a good 500 watt should do for either
  3. before you put the new video card in you may need to change the video device boot order in the bios. for the 295 card did it work in another pc after you got it?? it may have a hardware issue that why your friend gave it to you.
  4. I have a corsair 700 watt psu. It was running fine in my friends computer even after he bought the asus sabertooth mb. Its being a real pain in the rear because its still doint the same thing 6 beeps and no display:/ I have updated the bios and disabled all intergrated grapics drivers I am about to the point of just building a brand new comp and selling this oneD:
  5. ok. i borrowed a friends amd radeon 6970 video card. installed it and bingo works fine...but my question is is why would the other cards not work? i know that they both work on other computers but y not mine??
  6. I think the slots are messed up. Just my opinion though.
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    looks like it a very cheap amd mb. why the nvidia card would not work is that mb does not have the extra chipset to put a diffrent make of video card in it. most new mb have a bridge chip from lucent. it allows you to mix video cards without any error.
    im sorry but you have to stick with ati video cards for that mb.
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