Vgasave Is Taking Over My Graphic Card Helpp!

Hello everytime I try to install the drivers for my 8400 gs, it says "This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware." and I have the right driver. Vgasave is also conflicting with pci to pci bridge. When I turn my pc on it says the specs of my graphics card on the top.
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  1. hmmm... a bit more info would be useful. First, what version of OS? Also, what does your device manager (if windows) look like? anything out of place? Initial install of video card or were you trying to update drivers? First guess would be to check and make sure your chipset drivers are in place.
  2. Initial install. Im running windows 7. The only thing out of place is pci to pci bridge thats all. When I check vgasave, it says input/output range used by pci standard pci-to-pci bridge. Took it out from my other computer that was working.
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