So im starting my first build. I have most of the items picked out. My question is there have been sooooo many mixed reviews on cpus and why there a waste of money or not better than the previous ones. With that said I am sure you know by now I am wanting to go with AMD. Please do not give me responses to go with the i5 2500k. I understand its a great gaming processor and what not. And although I am not a fanboy of either I really want a AMD machine. My last computer was a intel and now I want a AMD. I also would like to get into overclocking. I know AMD new bulldozer set are unlocked and made for overclocking. My main concern is the stories I have heard about not being as good as the previous AMD cpu's. can anyone offer an answer without flaming me and telling me to go with intel? and and maybe what board to pair it with for over clocking? I heard the 990fx series boards are good? Any where there is my question. I am sure you guys answer this alot but any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance.
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  1. For gaming with AMD the Phenom II quad core chips are still the best, (Phenom II 965 Black in my backup PC)

    pair that with almost any 990fx motherboard and your ready to rock. (I personally like the ASUS Crosshair series)

    You have not mentioned a Budget you have in mind and what the other parts you have picked out

    I had a 1090T on an Crosshair IV Formula (890fx Chipset) and went to a 2700k on a Maximus IV Extreme-z (Z68 Chipset) and i have not looked back. could push the 1090 to just under 4ghz with 2000mhz RAM, now im at 4.5 every day and push it to 5 for benchmarking not to mention picked up ~20% in performance and benchmarking (at the same clock speeds as the AMD) and even more when pushed towards the i7's limits.

    thats is with custom water cooling for both setups.
  2. Thx for the replies. I do know I wanna go with the AMD budget is around 1000 dollars. but I need to get everything for the build. I was going to select GPU after CPU to prevent bottlenecking. any suggestions? also I just thought of the possibility if i did go intel, couldnt I dual boot mac osx? I believe an intel chip is needed for that correct?
  3. And what about the phenom2 x6 1045t?
  4. yes to run a HACKINTOSH you do require an intel processor but even then there is only a few boards / graphics cards that will work as well.

    so your total budget is $1000 USD (including gpu)

    you want the system to do the following (in order of preference)


    you need to make sure you give all the detail you can as it gets very hard to read minds over the internet.
  5. RE: the 1045T. look at the chart avenseth12 linked. there are 9 AMD processers that are above it and over 60 Intel CPU's that will perform better in games. including a handfull of Intel i3 CPU's

    anything more than 4 cores does not get used by games today and will give no performance gains while gaming.
  6. guys are awesome!!! thx for being patient and responding.. I have thrown the Hackintosh idea out.. too much for a os I dont even like. Im just a techie and like to play with whatever I can lol. I have been looking up the fx 6100 black edition. although different results from benchmarking and what not I also understand many windows programs can ot properly use 6 or more cores and get a proper benchmark but that is rumored to be fixed in 8.. the 6100 black edition seems to me to be a great processor with several ways to overclock.. keep in mind one of my main reasons I want a AMD cpu is to mess with overclocking. although I want to be able to play games at high settings keep in mind i do not like bf3 I know its a much better game overall than mw3 but im just better at owning noobs in mw3 lol other games i will be playing is diablo3 and the old republic I also will be doing alot of photoshop and dreamweaver seeing im in school for web design/ development. as of now im kind of leaning towards the 6100 but i realize you all more than likely know a great deal about this and I am interested in your thoughts.. Im not really the best at looking at graphs and what not sorry.. like I said this is my first build and i can not waiiiit!!! lol any bad things I should know about the 6100 or will it be a good fit for my needs? thx again in advance
  7. Please look at the link I sent for best AMD gaming cpu's. You have a few to choose from for reasonable price and with a 3rd party cooler you can overclock and mix with good GPU like this for great gaming performance:

    HIS H785F2G2M Radeon HD 7850 2GB $249

    MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr II GeForce GTX 570 $249
  8. the FX-6100 is only about as good as the 1045t you mentioned earlier.

    around 60 intel CPU's will still eat it for breakfast. the core count is not as important as you think take for example the i3-2100, its a dual core thats $20 cheaper than the 6core FX-6100 but the i3 will out perform it for gaming.
  9. if your dead set on AMD get the Phenom II X4 965, its currently $95 at new egg and will out perform both the 1045T and FX-6100 for less money
  10. the computer I am now is a i3 2100 with 8 gigs of ram with a 6870 gpu Its not bad but i really wanna go amd. in the posts above is it to say the 4100 and x4 are better than the newer 6100 and 8150? that IMO just does not seem right..
  11. As I said - see the link I posted the FX4170 is the best for gaming along with the other 2 mentioned in that tier. The 6100 its two tiers below the 4170
  12. Have you looked at the table?
    the FX-8120, -6100, -4100 and 1045T are all about the same for gaming.

    as avenseth12 said the FX-4170 is the BEST CPU AMD PRODUCES FOR GAMING, and its still not as good as your current i3-2100.

    ANYTHING from AMD will be a downgrade from the i3 2100 you have now. you already have a Socket 2011 system switching to amd will be throwing money out the window and it WILL be a downgrade.

    if you want to get the best performance from your $1000 i suggest the following.

    drop a 2500k / 2550k in ($220-250)
    Aftermarket Cooler ($50-100)
    Replace the 6870 with an AMD 7970 or Nvidia GTX680 ($400-$550)
    Maybe a PSU depending on what you have got currently ($100)

    it will be a beast of a machine.
    there is a reason the 2500k is reccomended over and over again. cause for the money it can't be beat. and cannot be beat by AMD no matter the money you spend.

    its unfortunate that AMD has openly admited that is not competing with INTEL on desktop processors and has no plans to but thats life. I have been an AMD fan for many many years. and have owned 10 AMD cpu's to every 1 intel but times have changed.

    feel free to change to an AMD based system and spend money on downgrading but its not what i would do.
  13. so the i5 will be best for gaming and also everyday processes such as photoshop and video encoding? or would you say intel is better for gaming and AMD for everyday processes and video encoding? obviously i want to play games on my pc but i also encode alot of videos such as h264 bluray rips and what not..sorry for sooo many questions i guess the main reason i wanted to switch to amd is the amount of new processors out and i would really like to try out overclocking seems fun.
  14. the i5 will be better all round, better for photo / video work as well as gaming.

    the overclocking on the i5 will blow you away. quite easy to push it from 3.4ghz to 4.5ghz and above.
  15. if you want the best for your endoding jump up from the 2500k to the 2600k as it has hyper threading

    but it will make 0 difference to gaming.
  16. alright thx guys.. guess il go wit the that situation..what other parts is needed for a hackintosh ? may as well play with it if its available..then il leave you all alone,, thx again
  17. what motherboard do you currently have?

    you may be good to go already
  18. ASUS P8Z77-V LX
  19. savagehax said:
    alright thx guys.. guess il go wit the that situation..what other parts is needed for a hackintosh ? may as well play with it if its available..then il leave you all alone,, thx again

    Which version of Mac OS X?

    Actually, I don't think Z77 is supported yet.

    the above site seems to have a heap of info for you. people also seem to like gigabyte boards when considering hackintosh.
  21. HugoStiglitz said:

    the above site seems to have a heap of info for you. people also seem to like gigabyte boards when considering hackintosh.

    Because Gigabyte boards are the best/most efficient boards to use when you make a hackintosh.


    Z77 boards are not supported for any version of Kakewalk, Multi-Beast, or Chameleon.
  22. Do you think its worth even really running a hackintosh? i mean i think it would be cool to mess around with.. but i like my linux distros honestly lol i only use windows when i have to photoshop etc..
  23. yeah you have a decent motherboard there so i would just wait on hackintosh until they support Z77 (i think z67 is supported)

    drop in a CPU (2500k or 2600k) and better graphics card and you will have a killer PC
  24. Depends.

    My i5-2500K Hackintosh runs Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which is much smoother than Vista.
  25. Hackintoshes only work on particular motherboards, if you ever have an idea of doing a Hackintosh, get a Gigabyte motherboard.
  26. i have come to the conclusion..for my gaming fix im just gonna drop the i5 2600k in this with a better gpu.. and since AMD is much cheaper especially microcenters bundle deals i will still make a budget medium pc just for messing around with it..seeing as i have several hdtvs and monitors laying around at least with both if i dont like AMD it will still make a great htpc build..thx again everyone last thing..what high end card would you recomend to match the 2600k to run smooth and prevent bottlencking? i will be running games on 3 32 inch sony bravia hd flat least thats the goal for this gaming rig hah
  27. At least a GTX 670 that has 4GB of VRAM.
  28. yup as amuffin said. something with a MINIMUM of 3gb VRAM
    Nvidia 670, AMD 7970, Nvidia 680 would all work very well.

    btw the 2600 is an i7 and the 2500 is an i5 but im just splitting hairs
  29. alright il look further im buying parts in about 10 hours so il report back and let everyone know how it goes..thx alot guys..
  30. oh ok ty.. lol 2500k is what im dropping in it today and it looks like 680
  31. great choices.
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