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I have been offered a router and i wondered if i could use it like a switch without conecting it to a jack. it is a wireless router and i have another plugged in upstairs. i would like to put this one down stairs and connect a computer to it to access the internet/home network. do i have to adjust the channels if i do 1 , 6 , 11. Just want to know before i accept it.
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  1. How are you planning to connect the two router together? wired or wireless?
  2. wireless, need to put it in an area with no telephone wiring, using a dsl wireless router upstairs. i have non wireless computer that i would like to have in the basement for work and want to conect it to the internet, dont want to run wires really.
  3. it really depends on the router. Routers usually are not able to work as a Bridge repeater.

    however some can be upgraded via a 3rd party firmware update like DD_WRT.

    you will need to know the make, model, and revision of the router, then look it up here
  4. You will have to run an ethernet cable between the two routers unfortunately. It won't work otherwise. And yes, it's likely you'll need to use separated channels - i.e. 1,6,11.
  5. Both Emerald and mitch have valid points.

    I am using dd-wrt on my linksys router to connect my living room equipment to the internet without running any wires.

    If you don't want to do that, then you will have to do what mitch said. Connect the two routers using a network cable and set up the second router's isp settings as the first router. In other words, the ip address given from the first router to the second, is to be used as the isp address of the second router.
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