Just got the Sapphire 6870

It seems to overclock like a champ, no crashes yet, OC'd right outta the box with trixx.

BUT, my comp has been runing slightly sluggish, and on the task manager it says its almost always using 2gigs, on a straight line in the graph of ram...weird? Or is it always using some ammount like that when not doing anything except a couple of downloads? Thanks!


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  1. Could you post all of your spec's and a little more info on the sluggish part more of a description like frame rates temps, how long has your rig been on etc. Thanks
  2. I've restarted it and its much all the same, rig is anhlon triple core 3.0 oc and unlocked to phenom II 3.6 quad core , 4 gigs of ripjaws ddr3 1600 and sluggish as in you hit a browser page and takes like 3 seconds and stuff like that, is the 2gigs always on normal or not?

    As for framerates, its not had such an impact i think, although im sure that it could be faster since there is indeed some sluggishness and video card is still new so i dunno ow high its capable of.
  3. I am going to do some checking but the sluggish could be your internet carrier or router. My first thought was you were bottlenecking but after reading more of what you posted. I don't think it is that.

    Now the 2 gigs thing when I boot up my system shows that I am using a constant 3 gig's all the time when idle. So I would say it is normal based on my computer.
  4. 2.85 used, I would say that your 2 is normal.

    For browsing, it may be worth trying some of the other browsers. Newer browsers are starting to make use of the video card. Flash/HTM5 video also makes use of the video card.

    As a side note, I would close browsers and videos when running games. I have noticed that having a Youtube video(or any video player using hardware acceleration) open will result in a video card speed of 400mhz(vs 157 idle) and even with a game open, it will get STUCK at 400 and not its full speed.
  5. what exact model do you have ? include the referece website
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