New Build crashes and restarts when playing MMO's only

Having a strange issue. I can play single player games like Civ V to my heart's content. However when I play an MMO ( happened with SWTOR and WOW) my computer crashes completely and restarts. It happens at different times, not always like 5 minutes in. It could be 10 minutes in or I could play for an hour and a half. Will put my specs below, any help would be appreciated because I really am out of ideas. Thanks (Also core and graphics temperatures have always been in the stable range)

Pentium Dual Core E5700
Nvidia GTX 550ti
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
650W PSU
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  1. It might be a CPU problem, or possibly have to do with your internet... are you using ethernet? Try diagnosing that... it might be a driver problem. Does this happen when you're web browsing?

    Also, it may be a CPU problem... it may not be able to handle multiplayer MMO... I know that MMO games are CPU intensive (then again, so is Civ V), but even more so because they're on multiplayer. Apart from that, it seems like a driver problem. Google the problem along with your GPU and driver version, or try updating the driver.
  2. also check that the memory is ok for that mb. some time you may have a bad stick of ram. try taking 1/2 of the ram out and see if the pc crashes.
  3. Tried using just one of the memory sticks and WOW crashed on both tries. If I overclock my CPU could that solve the issue? Have never tried overclocking anything.
  4. No, I think it's a problem with one of your memory sticks. Send it in for an RMA (although I'm not sure... could you verify, smorizio?). Overclocking most likely won't solve the problem. Try speaking to customer support at the retailer you bought it from, or call around the manufacturers' customer support and ask if their product could be causing the problem.
  5. Ok not sure if this matters or not, but should I have both sticks in channel a of my mobo or one in channel a and one in channel b.
    If so should I put them both in DIMM 0 or DIMM1?
  6. Check the manual... it should tell you exactly where to put it.
  7. It could also be you're PSU it happened to me where I had a bad one replaced it and it worked :P
  8. Hmm.... the PSU would cause it to shut down when the power output was changed, and it's not like MMOs really target anything with power that other games don't... PSUs will shut down because they detect an error (or a problem) somewhere in the power scheme... it's a protective measure to avoid shorting out your system. I don't think that's the problem, but you could always check :)
  9. My gut has always been that it is the PSU, I was wrong in stating it was 650W, its actually 575W
    Looked up the suggested PSU specs for the GTX 550ti, said something about Continuous Current Rating of 24 amps or greater, can't find that spec anywhere for my PSU, could be that I don't know what I am looking for. Below is the Newegg link to the PSU I purchased.
  10. it was under spec for that power supply it has one 12v rail rated at 25 amps.
  11. Updated my wireless network card driver and played for about an hour before in crashed. Is it possible for my wireless internet card to cause my computer to completely crash and restart?? It is a pretty old one, from another computer. Wireless G adapter connecting to a Wireless N router. Just thinking out loud. Did try using just one memory stick and it crashed as well, tried each stick separately. Bout at my wits end with this thing....
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    i think it the power supply when it loaded and stressed it not sending clean dc power to your mb..a good power supply when stressed or under load should not send what called an ac ripple to the pc. this ripple can cause the mb to hang or reboot.
  13. Oh. Well then. I stand corrected. In fact, if you put the brand of the PSU, I'll bet we could have seen this coming... >.>
  14. Ok so then theres a good chance that the PSU is my problem? Could one of you suggest a good PSU for me to get so I no longer have this issue. Also thank you so much for helping me through all of this.
  15. Corsair is nice. Really nice. But I can almost guarantee that the $110 ($90 after rebates) PC power and Cooling Silencer MK II 750W Silver-rated is the best deal. The line doesn't go any lower than 750W (although the modular ones do... but they're not silver-rated anymore, so you might as well get Corsair if you want modular).
  16. The best buy close to me has this Cosair in stock, think it would be enough?
  17. It looks fine. If you're okay with the lights.
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  19. Just got done playing WoW for aobout 3 hours with no crash after installing a new PSU, thank you so much for the help!
  20. Er... no problem? :) (I know I said it wasn't the PSU...)
  21. I was right!!! WOOO :)
  22. Hi there. I am having the exactly same thing, however i am using a notebook, do you think it could be the power plug or the battery? Or probably a component inside the notebook?
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