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So I am putting together a rig with a high-end MSI mobo, 8 gigs of G-Skill RAM @ 1866 MHz, an i3 2120, an OCZ Agility 60GB SATA III boot drive, a Corsair AX850W PSU, and a Gigabyte Ultra Durable VGA Series AMD Radeon HD 6850. The GPU will be changed out for a 7990 when it comes out, and the i5 2500k equivalent of the Ivy Bridge line-up. I was wondering if once I got the 7990, could I Crossfire it with my 6850? Thanks.
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  1. no you cant do that. you could only crossfire a 7990 with another 7990 and maybe another 7970.

    also you should really consider getting something to better support that 7990. that i3 might bottleneck it in more games then you think.
  2. The HD 7990 is a dual GPU card which will almost be a $850, will be the fastest GPU in the world so why do you wanna crossfire it with a mid range card?

    And as the guy said above you can't CF them, you only CF 2 cards from the same series. The 2500K should be fine to handle the HD 7990 just make sure to OC it pretty well.
  3. That's what I thought. But you guys were a little confused by my post, sorry. I will trade out the i3-2120 for the equivalent of an i5-2500k when Ivy Bridge comes out.
  4. good to go then.
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