Simple Dual gpu question

I've been reading for hours and I was wondering if there is a simple answer....
Would 2 of these
equal 1 of these in performance
also more details my motherboard will take full advantage of the dual gpus and also i plan on playing 1 game on each of my dual monitors
(WoW on 1 and D3 on the other)
Also I do not care about upgrading in the future with the single 1 and I have good cooling in my computer so I'm not worried about that either
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  1. In games that support multiGPU,the answer is yes but games like WoW/SC2(most RTS games) don't benefit much from more than 1 GPU.
    So,I'd recommend 7970 over those 2.It also runs cooler/quieter and has less power consumption
  2. I would say the 7970 would perform better, i mean those to solutions would both perform fantastic, but i would go with the 7970, no hassle, itll just work, plus then you could say you have the fastest graphics card ( for the time being)
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