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Just bought these new speakers.

After an hour or so, I noticed that there were some static coming from the left speaker. Very noticeable when volume is loud. But the static isn't constantly there, it is there for some movies and songs only.

Is this a sign of bad speakers and I should return them? Or can it be fixed? I have tried unplugging the wires and twisting them as well. Still signs of static here and there.
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  1. Static can be from a loose connection or a loose wire , so since you have reconnected the the plugs it could be a loose wire inside the speaker . It could also be one of the selections in the software so you could try doing some changes in the software program to see if there is a certian selection that won't poduce the static.
  2. Returned my speakers and now using monitor speakers again. But now there is a much worst problem. When watching certain shows, there are crackling sound sometimes making it unbearable to continue watching.

    This problem can't be because of my mobo right? It is still new and it did not have this problem before.

    Is there anyway to fix the crackling sound problem? Like downloading some sort of program or something?
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    Because you are using different speakers and the problem continues then the only thing left is the motherboard. I would call the tech support of the MB and describe the problem to them and see if it's something that they can fix or if you have to RMA the MB.
  4. you can try downloading the most recent drivers for the onboard chip, using either the line out or/and the headphone jack and see where that gets you.
  5. Just confirmed it wasn't my audio, it was the website's web player or the video itself. After I watched a few shows I have downloaded, there was no crackling or what so ever. But when I went back to the site, there was crackling again. Link the site to my friends and they all had the same problem.
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