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Hello, I just finished my first computer build. I am not the most tech savvy but there weren't any issues at first. It booted up right away and I installed Windows 7. The computer was running for at least 45 minutes and I was installing the drivers when the internet froze/stopped working and I got a blue screen saying windows shut down to prevent damage or something along those lines. It suggested I restart the computer which I did and got the same issue. I know that my wireless adapter is pretty outdated so I unplugged it and rebooted after some time. It has been running for about 20 minutes now with no blue screen. So my question is do you guys think the wireless adapter could have caused the blue screen or is there likely another issue? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Sounds like a memory (RAM) issue to me. What's your system specs btw.
  2. CPU: i5-2500k
    GPU: gtx 560 ti
    MOBO: asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3
    Ram: 8gb (2 x4GB) ripjaws DDR3 1333 PC10666
    psu: Corsair 650W 80 plus bronze
    case: haf 922
  3. Download memtest, and run it. If it crashes, its the memory.
  4. I'm too scared to put the wireless adapter in lol. But it has been on for several hours now and I have played some of the win7 games like solitaire and chess (I tried installing some games but all the ones I have require internet connection to install) and no blue screen. I ordered a new wireless adapter and hope that will be the end of the problem. If not I'll try memtest.
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