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I have a Radeon 6670HD and 12 GB's of ram (Might upgrade to 20 in the future) and yes my motherboard can support it but I want to use about 8 GB's of that ram for my computer and the other 4 to my Graphics card. How can I do this? Thanks
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  1. You can't, it is seperate.
  2. Not possible. But you can always dream can't you. Its more of an upgrade to completely replace GPU. 12GB of ram is more than you will ever need. Only the ram that is built onto your GPU is for your GPU.
  3. I'm curious as to what you are doing that could possibly be using 12gb of RAM with such a low end GPU?..

    But as the others have said, vRAM is totally separate to system RAM. Having more vRAM on such a low end card wouldn't even be a benefit. Its far too weak for any more than basic media playback or low resolution gaming.
  4. Thanks for the answers, everywhere I went said the same thing that Vram is separate. The computer I am using now has 6 GB's of DDR2 and was using a 9800GT until a fan stopped working and fried it so I replaced it about 7 months ago, now I think everything is slowly failing so I have ordered everything to build a new one.

    The 6670HD is better than my old 9800GT which ran Crysis on medium to high settings. This one runs it on High. So I figured 12 GB's of DDR3 and a quad core processor (instead this old core 2 duo) would make all the difference in the world

    My only question is now, why would my new motherboard support up to 64 GB's of ram if you can't use it? Most program don't need more than 4, about the only thing that does is games. That is why I was wondering if I could dedicate more ram to the graphics card.
  5. Only reason your motherboard supports 64 GB (8 memory slots?) of ram is because it can. Then have 8GB modules so they just make it support it, in the unlikely case someone actually wants to put those in. I would only install 8 GB of ram in a computer ($50 or less).

    Any current quad core processor should be an upgrade but some (Intel sandy bridge i5 i7) are better than others (phenom ll and FX).
  6. Benchmarks show no performance increase above 8gb ram for gaming. The only reason to have that much ram is for video editing/rendering/3d work but for games it's useless. Your gpu is also way to weak for more than 1gb vram to help.
  7. Why do you even need 64GB of RAM?
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